Giuliano Cappelletti was born in Cantù in 1946. Enzo Pozzoli was born in the same town four years later. Both got their diploma at the Institute of Art and both graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan. They had got the same background and they opened their professional design study Udacanturiodesign in 1974. “Our planning philosophy – Mr Pozzoli explains – hasn’t changed as time goes by. The items we design have always got soft and clean lines as the historical tradition of the Italian design requires”. The expressive rigor is the “must” of this design study that is engaged in the planning of single furniture elements as well as whole rooms or houses, that plans re-styling in the public sector as well as in the private one, that designs offices as well as showrooms and stores.
“We try to design objects or buildings that remain as time passes: everyone is responsible for the projects he is engaged in but we exchange our ideas on the outstanding business continuously and the feedback within us is steady “. During the last years Cappelletti and Pozzoli have designed for Scavolini, ABC Cucine, Berloni, Gruppo Doimo and they have planned Natuzzi’s and Bontempi’s stands for their exhibitions and events. Prizes and awards come soon: the most important ones are the “Compasso d’Oro” in 1990 and the “Five Star Prize” in the years 1988, 1989 and 1990.
“We have been working with the firm Enrico Pellizzoni for many years: we belong to the same ‘furniture world’, we share the same passion for everything that is design and we join the culture for the leather as a tradition of our country”. Thanks to this business relationship many fine products were born: chairs for home and office with “the determined will to create an item characterized by a high level quality as the main raw material itself is of high quality”. These collections have been thought to win the battle against the time, “to last as long as possible. We want to create long-lived objects, something that is always alive in our life, an item that has got a deep breath “