Michele Cadore


Michele Cadore was born in 1965 in Florence. The design has always been his dream since he was a child. The true passion for lines, their essentiality and their purity, has guided him along a way that had been already marked. He has always been supported by his first master – the teacher of Technical Education at primary school – who immediately foresaw in him a student with an extraordinary talent and natural bent for design.
He was still young when he began to attend some design studies, always under the careful supervision of his teacher. These are the first opportunities for Michele Cadore to approach this amazing world that he has been dreaming for long: he sees plans, design projects and he copies everything perfectly. At the age of 15 he has already reached an enviable experience.The first rudiments of the perspective were dazzling: “I remember well when this knowledge was firstly explained to me; I was bewitched of it. So I decided that lines would have been my life “.The arrival point was the opening of his own design study in 1989. Before he got his diploma at the Institute of Art and graduated in Architecture: this is the common road that many students run along but Michele Cadore faced it in a personal way.
“My background is mostly classic; but the way of living it has been original”.His own and main interest isn’t Architecture in itself but rather the objects and their industrial production. His own study started to be engaged in graphics, in designing jewels and watches, then in building trade and furniture and finally in architecture and naval industry. He began important collaborations with companies that sell furniture – Magis and Cappellini – as well as with well-known shipyards – Bruno Abbate, Azimut Benetti, Iron Marine and Blue Martin.“My lines are always clear; I think this fits well with the requirements of the firm Enrico Pellizzoni”; the relationship between the owners and the designer is long and it has given life to elegant items, “beautiful without being striking”.Thanks to this collaboration Michele Cadore can dedicate himself to his first love: the industrial design. This true passion rewarded him with prizes like Top Ten for the chair of the year in 1997 and Good Design in Birmingham for a sofa designed for Cappellini.The challenge is always the same: try to link aesthetics with a fast productive feasibility.