Fauciglietti Engineering studio was founded in 1986 by Renzo Fauciglietti together with his wife Graziella Bianchi: the aim was “the search and development of new products of design as well as their planning and their production”.The world of the industry is the constant reference point even if there are always construction problems to face with and specific requirements to meet. Functionality and aesthetics, technology and comfort are every time the opposites to join.
The studio Fauciglietti Engineering is the arrival point for both: their school background begins at the Art Institute in Cantù for Renzo Fauciglietti – born in Brusnengo in 1941 - and at Art Licée for his wife - born in Cantù in 1946. Graziella Bianchi ends here her studies while Renzo Fauciglietti attends the Advanced Technical School of Engineering in Switzerland where he graduates.Fauciglietti Engineering is not the ending of a way, it is on the contrary the departure point for a new challenge: the constant research of industrial items that should be aesthetically good in according to production requirements and limits.
“We have clearly showed our working and design philosophy during the collaboration with Enrico Pellizzoni: we have designed elegant pieces of furniture that find place in different locations and rooms. We have met the expectations of the company that requires furniture collections of great beauty and simple feasibility”.The prizes and awards they have received (Tecnhotel in Genoa, Compasso d’Oro, Neste Form in Finland, the silver medal at Batimat in Paris) are the result of a constant job of research and innovation in the product development. Furthermore Renzo Fauciglietti is teacher at Centro di Cultura Scientifica "Alessandro Volta" in Como and university lecturer at Politecnico and Bocconi in Milan.

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