“The specialization in a sector rather than another one depends on coincidences or accidental events. During the years some relationships with clients become stronger and stronger and they lead you to follow a precise way of working”. Grassi&Bianchi studio, founded in 1984 from the architect Sergio Bianchi with his wife, is engaged mainly in building trade, from planning to restoration of private and public buildings.
The pleasure of being designer comes also from the creation of pieces of furniture. “I often long for the past when my studio was concerned with the planning of furniture like chairs, tables and writing desks. Unfortunately now we have no time to apply ourselves to this sector and probably the right partners are missing”. Exactly like, some time ago, Enrico Pellizzoni was. “It was really a satisfying experience designing items that Enrico Pellizzoni covered with leather with an invaluable and deep knowledge of the material. We wanted to design items made in leather with a great aesthetic value; leather was a material whose beauty was still difficult to understand”. Enrico Pellizzoni represented the occasion to plan pieces of furniture of a simple elegance just drawing essential lines on a white sheet. “The market required items that could lay emphasis on a classic location as a modern atmosphere”.

Products designed by Grassi&Bianchi